In 2022 Holochain ticked off some important milestones. Most notable was the release of Holochain 0.1.0-beta-rc. But the year was also marked with other great achievements. Here’s a look at what Holochain and Holo were up to this past year.

1. The release before the release

Holochain delivered the Holochain Beta Release Candidate in December, leading up to Holochain Beta, in January.

With this release candidate, the Holochain conductor and SDKs are now feature-complete for building applications. All devs with Holochain apps can now update their code to the Beta Release Candidate.

2. Milestones & achievements

Both the Holo Roadmap and Holochain Roadmap show progress across many milestones. For the play-by-play of the year check out the archive of our regular “Today’s Update” reports.

3. Excellent results for Holochain’s first security audit

The Lair Keystore at the core of Holochain’s cryptographic code was audited and found to be secure by Least Authority, a leading decentralized security consulting and audit firm.

4. Dev education offerings

The Holochain Developer Education Initiative launched in 2022 to build and foster an ecosystem of developers. The initial event in Austria was a success with a new, flexible curriculum delivered. The next event will be announced soon.

Recap from Holochain & Rust Developer Training, hosted by Holo

5. Holo’s Alpha hosting ecosystem is working end-to-end

Partner devs are publishing their Holochain test apps to the Holo Alpha network, which has approx. 800 HoloPort nodes in 50 countries. Test users for the community created hApps can access them via web browsers.

6. Dev community growth

Our developer community continues to grow quietly, building full-fledged apps, proofs-of-concept, and end-user tools, all while contributing code and testing to the dev toolchain.

Holochain downloads on have grown by over 110% during Alpha stage.

If you’re a dev, join our Dev.HC Discord or get started building on Holochain

Stats Overview from

7. Community and Holochain stories

We made it easier for the Holochain community to find stories about hApps. Check out the hApp spotlight with hREA.

hREA demo with Connor Turland - Major Milestone Release

In addition to Dev Pulse, we’ve published 18 Holochain blog posts where we aim to showcase why people choose Holochain.

Looking back in gratitude and moving forward

A great big thank you goes out to our team and community for all the contributions and engagement this past year. 2023 will bring the excitement and energy of launches along with a concerted shift to connect with projects and people and to grow the ecosystem. We hope to see you all at events online and IRL. Happy New Year!