A screencast of a user entering a Flux neighbourhood and reading, sending, and reacting to messages.

Flux, the flagship communities app from Junto Foundation, is progressing nicely. This is the first time I’ve reported on this application, so there’s a lot to talk about.

Flux is the newest iteration of the Junto Foundation’s vision of healthy online social spaces. Long-time followers will know that Junto were one of the first projects to commit to building on Holochain. A few years ago, they produced a proof-of-concept app for mobile phones and learned a lot in the process. Their newest iteration, Flux, embodies their core insight: focus on community creation rather than yet another global social media platform, because close-knit communities are what create healthy online social spaces.

To me this feels like this takes the best parts of early Web2 — the community cohesion of old-fashioned forums and blog networks — and brings them into the hyperconnected Web3 world. Right now, Flux just gives your community a multi-channel chat server, but they plan on adding more features, like blogs, knowledge bases, governance, and cryptocurrencies. They plan to initially build a product to support DAOs and online learning communities, then expand from there. There's a litepaper that gives a good sense of where they're heading.

This is early days for Flux, and you may notice a few bugs and speed issues, but I’m very impressed by what they’ve already accomplished. It feels like a professionally-designed, well-thought-out app.

Download Flux and create a community!