You have questions, we have answers. Holochain frequently hosts Telegram Q&A's with our lively community, and the conversations are too good not to share. In this last Q&A, we dove into how you can get more involved with Holochain and the Holochain community. Check out a recap of the questions your fellow community members asked below.

1. What is the function and purpose of communities?

Community forums provide an environment for people of like minds and ideas to meet, discuss, and achieve their goals. As people socialize and discuss with others, they discover like interests and experiences from which meaningful, mutually-rewarding personal or business associations and relationships could arise.

2. What can a Holochain member who doesn't have a regular meeting group nearby do? How can the person start up a meeting group?

Different communities have different interests. Some desire and operate a local meeting group and others don't.

Apart from the regular, local, community meeting groups, Holochain is, in the next few months, planning on inaugurating an online Forum that will consist of Holochain members from all around the world. This Forum would be a place for our members to connect with each other and share ideas. It would also be a forum to discover others within your local community.

Those wishing to form local meeting groups would have a platform and environment to meet and discuss modalities for doing so.

3. What can one expect in a vibrant, self-sustaining community and how can one be created?

First, a vibrant, self-sustaining community is not made but rather created, grown or built, and nurtured. Furthermore, it takes commitment and persistence of its members and time to achieve such a state.

In a community, there may be a group of persons (known as the conveners) who lead the group. In a vibrant community, members enthusiastically share and teach each other, building and growing themselves into a thriving, local distributed network.

4. What can non-developers do to assist with this Project?

It really depends on each individual and what they have to offer. In addition to whatever a person can contribute, meaningful contributions in this forum can go a long way to assist.

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