In each Community Matters, we will be featuring one of the contributors, supporters, movers, catalyzers, and influencers who are changing the ecosystem in amazing ways.

We are excited to highlight some of the exceptional, talented, community contributors who are helping us build a more distributed web. In this edition, we are spotlighting Raphi.


About Raphi

Systems Thinker, Visionary, Holochain Community Builder and Content Creator, Supporter and Organizer of Collaborative Sustainability Projects, Board Member of the Housing Cooperative NeNa 1 in Zürich

I’m Raphi, from Zürich, Switzerland. I got involved early in several community and sustainability projects because of my deep interest in collaborative and sustainable systems. A common occurrence in these projects was to experience a constant struggle due to a lack of quality project management and efficient organization and workflow.

As a passionate photographer and designer, I recently started to move more into video productions. I get to combine photography with the telling of invigorating and inspiring stories. My main focus is humanity’s future environments.

While I still work part time at the University of Zürich in an office job, I’m also becoming a hApp developer. My goal is to build the project and workflow management tools we need for more efficient and successful projects.

Why did you choose to get involved in the community work of Holo, as opposed to other projects?

During my basic business and economic education there was something that didn’t seem right about the socioeconomic system, but I couldn’t quite grasp it. It’s something that results in harm inflicted on many people and leads to a misalignment between the economy and the ecosystem. Later, the idea of Resource Based Economy found me and helped me to see through the shadows. I started to understand the misalignment caused by many of the central mechanisms in society and the economy.

A long journey followed — through movements, ideas, and discussions. I was on constant lookout for ways to move into a new paradigm, where humanity re-aligns itself with the ecosystem it depends upon. I had found many ideas and visions of new systems, but the actions that could lead society from the old system to the new were always missing.

With Holochain I found this missing piece, the bridge between the old paradigm and the new. We need a way to set collective goals and guide the actions of individuals towards those goals with clear feedback — this could take the form of incentive and discouragement. What we need is a global nervous system of humanity as a whole — a system that guides and combines individual actions towards a greater outcome and one that separate individuals could not achieve on their own.

For example, take how the brain of a child works. New synapses are created and new abilities are developed through continuous action. Existing pathways are strengthened and adapting to the ever-changing needs of its host. Holochain is like those synapses; it allows pathways to grow and evolve with the needs and use of its host — humanity. I am certain that a system of this complexity cannot be created by a single group of people. It needs to grow with the host and its needs.

The depth of the technology pulled me in on an intellectual level — the genius of the many underlying mechanisms. The people behind Holochain also hold a deep and personal understanding of the world, its people, and the deeper values. All of that is reflected in their community and the projects being built with Holochain — it leads to an amazing collaborative spirit that makes me feel at home. What’s more, I get to learn and grow in the whole process and help the community grow.

Holochain is not just a technology for me. It is a growing, evolving ecosystem and exactly what so many people and projects have been waiting for — myself included.

What accomplishments, highlights, or goals would you like to share regarding growing and expanding the community?


  • Answering many basic questions about Holochain and Holo
  • Helping people understand Holochain and Holo and differentiate between the two
  • Helping people and projects integrate Holochain
  • Moderating the main Telegram Channel
  • Supported the Junto Spotlight Week
  • Edited videos like hAppy Hour and the HoloPort Updates
  • Created the Swiss Holo Telegram channel


  • Created the videos for the RedGrid Spotlight Week
  • Recorded interviews
  • Helped initiate the first Meetup in Zürich
  • Advising and supporting companies and projects in Switzerland


  • Becoming a Holochain developer
  • Building an active Swiss community
  • Building a project and workflow management toolset
  • Building community and collaborative toolsets
  • Contributing to a vibrant ecosystem
  • It’s really only the beginning for me… :-)

I decided quite a while ago to try to provide value in some form in whatever I do. With this intention, I joined the community and to my surprise, that created a good reputation over time. I began to receive more and more opportunities to participate and provide deeper value in the form of videos and interviews, and recently, inputs for projects and developers.

What is your superpower?

It’s a combination of careful observation, imagination, and systemic thinking. This allows me to understand, break down, and explain the deeper mechanisms behind Holochain, Holo, and HoloFuel, as well as broader economical, societal, and ecological systems.

Join me on the official Telegram Channel for questions or to talk about the ecosystem!

If you are in Switzerland, I would love to meet for a beer to chat about Holochain, its potential, and projects or ideas.

If you are interested in building a holistic Project and Workflow Management Toolset on Holochain, please get in touch. I’d love to see how we can work together!

Also, visit my website for more information on what I’m doing.

Check out the video interview.

A Declaration of Digital Independence, the People’s Web, by Jacob Devaney

Keeping it Simple With Holochain: I have spent the last few years focused on the utility of Blockchain and though it is a robust solution for many applications, it is not fast enough or scalable for addressing the needs of average people on social media and other online platforms. The Holochain Community is taking lead in this regard. For those who wish to take a deeper technical dive into this topic, I highly recommend reading Beyond GDPR, Holo Vault delivering on Self-Sovereign Identity for Distributed Applications by Jean M. Russell who cites many experts in the field.

HolochainPodcast #4 Lisa Jetton — HoloHost UI

Fractal Sovereignty Podcast 04 with Moritz Bierling — Chief Catalyst Holo (Holochain) and hosted by Nick Haslem (founder of Humm, Holochain powered hApp)

Nick and Moritz discussing the recent Holochain Intensive at Sunshine Coast, Australia; Moritz role at Holochain; Agent-centric technology and how the money, value and business models are evolving in this ecosystem.

Community Request: In your own words, how would you describe Holochain and Holo? Fill out this survey.

Recent Event

First Holo meetup in Perth, Australia May 1st — Holochain and the New Economy

enkel collective

Discussion of how Holochain “can contribute to a transition to a so-called commons-based societal model for the long-term stewardship of resources that preserves shared values and community identity.”

Meetup #3 in Melbourne, Australia May 22nd — Catchup, plus… The Internet of Laundry Baskets

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What We’ve Heard: Comments and Thoughts from our Channels

Question from Holochain Community Member in

Answer Summary: I think Holochain is currently ready to build on, but you will need to be prepared for breaking changes and to spend time keeping up to date with the latest versions. You’ll also need to be willing to work with the Holochain devs and submit bug reports, etc. The thing is, you can build a project on Holochain that you can’t build on anything else, so in some regards there isn’t really an alternative. Because it is a different way of thinking, the time you spend with Holochain now won’t be wasted. Of course there is going to be a learning curve no matter when you tackle it, so if you get started, you’ll be an expert by the time Holochain is production-ready. I haven’t seen anyone commit to a timeline, but you should be able to build 99% of your application, test it, and get user feedback until the release. Regarding your work being carried forward into beta/full release — I don’t think it’s possible to tell at this point. However, the concepts are not going to change; your architecture, agent-centric design, DNAs, and app bridging design will all carry forward.

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Jean M Russell “Thriveable Governance” — page 78 of Decentralized Thriving: The Here and Now of DAOs.

10 ways most cryptocurrency designs are likely to fail! Part 2 with David Atkinson

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Lisa’s Holo(chain) Journey: From Holochain Hacker to Holochain Developer. Part 3 of 3

...there is nothing like diving in yourself. What I’m looking forward to is when they themselves can be ones that author content and talk about their experience in this world of Holo and Holochain.

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What prevents someone coming to the Holochain founders with a billion dollar offer to buy out Holochain and then shutting it down because they don’t like the competition or utility that Holochain provides?

Anybody who thinks a billion dollar offer would tempt us into “selling out Holochain” both grossly underestimates the potential impact of Holochain and radically misunderstands the motivations of the team that is working to bring this shift in human communication into the world.

However, even if someone were able to “buy out” or otherwise “corrupt” the legal entity that has been set up to support the growth of Holochain — The Holochain Foundation — the code is all open source. They might be able to undermine the organization, but the idea and the code would already be out in the world and people could use, build upon, and improve it with or without any official organization. We’ve been setting up legal, cultural, and financial structures to accelerate the growth of a healthy ecosystem; however, we’ve also been careful to set things up so that the ecosystem is not dependent on those specific structures.

Holochain Developer Documentation
Holochain is a framework for building and running secure, fully peer-to-peer distributed

Frequently Asked Questions | Holo
Holochain invites people to think outside the blocks, so it makes sense that folks have a lot of questions about how it…

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We believe that the key to our success is in building our community — the moments that matter most are in the connections within and between our communities. None of this would be possible without you! Thank you for showing up and sharing your unique talents with all of us. You work so hard to bring awareness and engagement to the Holo and Holochain communities, and we are thankful for you!

David Atkinson, Commercial Director