This March, Holochain is hosting a training to give experienced developers the critical tools they need to design, develop, and deploy Holochain apps. This four day online intensive, working with a select cohort, will also plug you into our growing ecosystem and help you to find your next project and get hired to build the next web.

With our beta release finally out, we are expecting rapid growth in the community of projects building on Holochain. This means a high demand for developers with the experience to build Holochain apps.

To provide the highest quality education we have partnered with Marcus Philips who co-founded Hack Reactor, a software engineering bootcamp that has helped thousands of people to become job-ready software engineers.

And we want you to join us.

Need to know

  • Why: Become one of first 50 Holochain developers in the world
  • What: Training for an open-source web3 apps framework
  • Who: World-class instructors and an experienced dev cohort
  • Where: Online,
  • When: March 9–12, 2023
  • What’s more: Skill up to get hired; scholarships available

Seeking Rust devs

Holochain is a framework for distributed apps built on Rust that enables data integrity on a peer-to-peer basis without the need for central servers or blockchains. This course assumes some familiarity with Rust in order to fully participate.

Have you fully committed to taking an entire Rust course or read an official Rust book? Or maybe you have been developing on Rust for years. If so, this Holochain course is the perfect  next step in your distributed tech learning journey.

Find your project, get hired

Our goal is to grow the available pool of Holochain developers and support the projects building with us. We want to bring you into our ecosystem, building connections with the Holochain team and active dev community. Your peer cohort is just the start of weaving this social web.  

Holochain alum Wesley Finck walks you through his vlog of the Holochain Immersive

Since our last developer immersive in Austria at least three students are now being paid for their Holochain developer skills, by either our core team or projects building with Holochain, and a few other people started their own projects.

The learning arc

As a comprehensive, high level training experience, this course is designed to take you from never having touched Holochain to being able to deploy full, production-quality Holochain apps. In addition to the 4 days of training, we are hosting a mini-hackathon the following weekend where you will be able to test and show your skills, building a portfolio of work that will help to get you hired.

We expect that the experience of working with our world class instructors and learning an entirely new way of building distributed apps will be transformative.


We are offering a range of scholarships to help increase access for qualified students of all backgrounds. Please let us know what you need in order to join us at the training so we can start a conversation and direct our scholarship funds appropriately.

Begin your Holochain developer journey now

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To learn more about Holochain and our open source code, see the following resources.