In each Community Matters, we will be featuring one of the contributors, supporters, movers, catalyzers, and influencers who are changing the ecosystem in amazing ways. They create content, dev resources, organize events, co-manage, and moderate chats, initiate collaborative community efforts, and grow our host community.

We are excited to highlight some of the exceptional and talented community contributors who are helping us build a more distributed web!

We’re beginning our Series by spotlighting Jon, A Passionate Builder of the Chinese Holo Community. Jon is highly respected in the Chinese Community and working with him is an absolute pleasure.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview. A special thanks to Jon.

Chinese community leader, Jon

About Jon

I am Jon. Though currently based in Hong Kong, I have studied and worked in many different countries and come across people with different cultural backgrounds. People find me to be an upbeat and self-taught team player. I had my memorable college life in Swansea, which is a beautiful and peaceful seaside city of the UK.

Why did you choose to get involved in the community work of Holo, as opposed to other projects?

In my opinion, Holochain is not merely a piece of technology, but also a philosophy that changes the way people interact and introduces a brand-new economic model to the entire world. I watched an inspirational speech delivered by founder Arthur Brock on the early days of Holochain, where he explained the different layers of wealth in the economic system.

Jon’s Community Recent Accomplishments

  • I organized the 1st language-specific Holo AMA.
  • I organized the 1st Chinese Language AMA.
  • My articles on Holochain were highlighted as “the best of the week” a few times by a crypto/blockchain-related social media platform.
  • I helped Holo collect over 100 HoloPort orders from the Chinese community.
  • My dream is to organise a dev team to build an app on top of Holochain myself.
  • I manage a fund that provides support to young people who suffer from hearing loss.
  • I manage a diversified investment portfolio. I deployed capital to the crypto market for participating in seed rounds and private rounds of ICOS in 2018 and still maintain a good Return on Investment (ROI) despite the crypto bear market.

Click here for the full written interview.

Content Highlights for the Community, by the Community

Excerpt from Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum A Fairer and More Just Post Monetary Social Political Economy by Hank Sohota

Holochain and the Post-monetary Economy

Holochain, on the other hand, will take us where we need to get to. It is the first technology, in human history, which genuinely addresses the mutual self-sovereignty challenge, completely and at any scale — in fact, it is inversely scalable, its efficiency and efficacy improve as network size increases — and as an integral component of the MetaCurrency and Ceptr projects, it also pre-dates both Ethereum and Bitcoin.Holochain provides a bio-mimicry inspired, software-based, enabling social technology — a pattern, if you will — from which can emerge anarchy — life without mass intermediation as a necessity. Thus empowering us to move to a post-monetary epoch with, for example, a multitude of asset-backed mutual credit (crypto)currencies — which on Holochain are natively inter-operable — using a much broader definition of currency (i.e. a formal symbol system for shaping, enabling, and measuring flows — e.g. of value, promises or reputation). A much more enlightened interpretation of Hayekian thinking, I would suggest, than the neo-liberalism version.
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Recent Events

#ETHDenver, February 15–17th, 2019

Arthur Brock speaking at ETHDenver

Upcoming Events

Join the Sunshine Coast Holochain Intensive!

Our first Holochain Intensive will take place in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia on March 22–March 24, 2019. Holochain Intensives are an opportunity for influential local and regional community members to coordinate, code, and connect! Apply Online

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