The Holochain Foundation is sponsoring this year’s DWeb Camp.

A five day woodland conference that brings together visionaries from across the distributed web, DWeb Camp is an opportunity to build the in-person networks that help our independent and collaborative efforts thrive.

Over the past few years we have limited our event sponsorship and participation in many conferences because we were focused on getting Holochain to a beta software release. Now that Beta is here and Holochain is maturing, we are committed to building alongside the broader ecosystem. Many on the team have been active at DWeb since the beginning and connected to the larger community for many years; we want to give back to our peers, and supporting DWeb Camp this year feels like a critical first step.

Our Why

Holochain has always been about more than any one single technology. We are driven by a vision of peer-to-peer coordination, accountability, and mutual sovereignty, and we believe that DWeb Camp is an embodiment of this. We are excited to spend a week connecting and collaborating with our closest friends and allies, working towards the collective goal of building a better, decentralized web.

With a live beta version of Holochain we have been committed to building actionable offerings that support our growing ecosystem. We aren’t just bringing ideas to DWeb, we are bringing tools. Both to support the conference itself, and that can be picked up by others, iterated on, and taken forwards, integrated with other protocols and dreams, building towards a better future.  

Images courtesy of DWeb Camp

We Would Love to See You at DWeb

DWeb Camp 2023, June 21–25th, is a gathering of decentralized web enthusiasts in Navarro California, nestled in the hills and redwoods. This year’s theme is “Discovering Flows.” Like the Navarro river which winds through the retreat, flows wind through all of our lives. Making them visible so we can interact with them intentionally is a powerful act, which is why at Holochain we often talk about currencies as “current-sees,” a tool for seeing flows. DWeb camp is focused on four flows and the relationships between them: Nature. Technology. Community. You.

More than just being a monetary sponsor of the event, we want to support these flows. We are putting time and energy into this event because the people and the values are deeply aligned. Our DNA asks us to develop relationships and communities, and we encourage others to do the same — with apps, with businesses, with social ventures. We look forward to seeing you there.

Show Don’t Tell with DWeb

The biggest thing we can announce is that DWeb will be shutting off the internet on Saturday June 24th. Or, the connection to the external net at least.

Throughout the week, DWeb Camp will be running on a local P2P network and on the final full day will be shutting off the connection to the outside. Everyone at camp will be invited to use a conferencing app Holochain built specifically for the purpose of this offline environment at DWeb. With it, we can harness the power of decentralized web tech for local, offline collaboration: discovering, scheduling, connecting, and remembering.

Distributed protocols are meant to be run local first, and we see this as an opportunity to use the tools we have been building and to live a day in the Tomorrow we dream of.