You have questions, we have answers. Holochain frequently hosts Telegram Q&A's with our lively community, and the conversations are too good not to share. In this last Q&A, we dove into different aspects of developing and using hApps on Holochain. Check out a recap of the questions your fellow community members asked below.

1. What's the future for hApps and what opportunities are they likely to present?

Developing apps for Holo and Holochain is a very interesting and fulfilling experience.  Holonix ensures that the development environment is at a parity with the already deployed HoloOS. This means that, in one simple command, one has the right versions of everything.

2. Would any documentation be provided for the UI/UX?

Absolutely. Presently, the documentation of the UI/UX is included as part of the development process. We are currently using Storybook for that which makes the development faster. Sections of the app in different states are shown at the github link, here.

3. What are viable recommendations for managing and securing one's data?

The Holochain Identity Manager and Peer Chat System are two reliable resources that can be used in securing and managing data. To learn more about this, check out this video.

4. When can one start using the Electron App and how easy is it to use?

The Electron App is available to anyone who desires to use it. It is also easy to use. Simply download it, enter a passphrase and you will be shown your root and device seeds as encrypted mnemonics and starts up.

5. Are their plans to develop the Android and iOS versions of the Chat App?

Yes, there are. As soon as Holo is up and running, work will commence on mobile deployments of Holo.

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